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90 Day Fiance: Tania’s sister thinks she’s going to drive Syngin away

Tania and Syngin on 90 Day Fiance
Tania’s sister Tiana is saying what a lot of 90 Day Fiance viewers are thinking. Pic credit: TLC

Tania Maduro has a big personality and she likes to be in charge — that’s something 90 Day Fiance viewers already know. But Tania’s younger sister Tiana thinks those qualities may be what drives Syngin away.

In the newest preview for the next episode of 90 Day Fiance, Tania and Syngin pay another visit to her sister and her family. In the confessional, Tania admits that even though Tiana is younger than her, she has a husband and a new baby now, which has her little sis thinking she can give all the relationship advice.

The dinner gets tense when Tiana tries to talk to Tania about her relationship with Syngin.

“I think you’re going to drive him away,” Tiana says as Tania looks shocked. Then, the little sister explains that she feels like Tania is going to end up ruining her relationship with Syngin because she is a “professional b***h.”

The tension was palpable when Tania’s little sister started to give her relationship advice and then turned to Syngin and told him not to let Tania “down him” with her constant need to tell him what to do and how to do it.

That’s when Tania drew the line and cut her sister off. Then, she turned to Syngin and told him that he shouldn’t look at it that way, and, instead, she should appreciate her guidance.

Syngin seemed to side with Tania’s sister, telling her that he doesn’t feel guided, he feels pressured. So, when Syngin suggested that Tania let him just learn from his mistakes, she pointed out that it’s “so many mistakes.”

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With all of these issues popping up as Tania is planning to leave Syngin behind for her 30-day trip to Costa Rica, is there enough time for them to work everything out?

Watch the 90 Day Fiance sneak peek below to see just how tense things got during the double dinner date with Tania’s sister and her husband.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC

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