90 Day Fiance star Shaeeda Sween has a message for the bullies

Shaeeda shares a word for the bullies.
Shaeeda shares her thoughts about bullies. Pic credit: 90DayFiance/YouTube

90 Day Fiance star Shaeeda Sween has recently shared some choice words about how she feels towards bullies on an Instagram story post. 

Although Shaeeda did not go into detail about which Bully she has recently endured that gave her the inspiration behind the post, some could believe she would be talking about her soon-to-be husband, Bilal, or those who bash her relationship.

Shaeeda Sween believes in going high when others stoop low

In Shaeeda’s recent post, she made a few choice comments about bullies. 

Shaeeda made it clear that she prays for the bullies and pities the desperate.

One part of her post included never amounting to the same level as a bully and always going high even if they choose to lower their standards and stoop low. 

The post said, “Quiet and calm because I do pity the desperate, 5 minutes, hungry type- we pray for them (prayer hands emoji) when they go low we stay high.” 

Shaeeda shared words about bullies.
Pic credit: @westindianbella/Instagram

Shaeeda took it a step further to ensure that everyone knew the true definition of a bully and Included a screenshot. 

Shaeeda shares the definition of a bully.
Pic credit: @westindianbella/Instagram

Shaeeda kept the post’s target ominous

Although Shaeeda did not include who exactly the post was about, many could believe that she could have been referencing her relationship with Bilal, considering, at times, he can be very controlling and domineering

Shaeeda could have also been referencing the bullies she endures on social media who are always critical of her and Bilal’s relationship. 

Shaeeda and Bilal have had a tumultuous relationship since the beginning of the season, and it seems the two are never on the same page. 

Bilal has caught much heat from fans for his actions in prior episodes. 

With Bilal lying to Shaeeda about his wealth during her initial arrival in the United States to trying to force the topic of a prenuptial agreement while they were supposed to be on a romantic getaway, Bilal has made it clear that he does not always have Shaeeda’s feelings at the forefront of his mind. 

Many fans believe that Bilal is controlling, manipulative, and can be domineering when it comes to his relationship with Shaeeda. 

Although Shaeeda’s post had no additional context, fans are left to wonder who it was meant for, and only time will tell if it was about Bilal or the naysayers of their relationship. 

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c. 

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