90 Day Fiance: Michael Ilesanmi’s friends confront Angela Deem at a sit down meeting and sparks fly

A closeup screen grab of an upset Angela Deem
Angela Deem has another meltdown in a public meeting with Michael’s friends at the bar. Pic credit: TLC

Michael Ilesanmi and Angela Deem made up after Angela’s infamous meltdown over Michael’s unauthorized Instagram account. Michael decided it was in his best interest to delete the account to avoid more tantrums.

The drama wasn’t enough for the couple, however, because Michael decided he would take Angela to meet with his friends, Ade and Peter, aka “The Goofballs.”

Angela expressed her concern about meeting with Peter and Ade in a confessional. “I haven’t seen his friends in five years and Michael wants me to go have a drink with the goofballs because he wants us to get along. I agree to go but I’m not really wanting to do this,” she said.

Given their history, it’s obvious to viewers how well this sit-down was going to go. The last time they met up, Angela tossed drinks and expletives like it was an Olympic sport.

Never missing an opportunity to do the absolute most to draw attention to herself, Angela agreed to go with Michael to a bar for the meet-up.

Angela was suspicious of how Ade and Peter found out she was staying in Nigeria, because she forbade Michael from seeing his “troublemaker” friends. The same sentiment was shared by his friends about Angela, putting Michael in the middle of their explosive fights.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Angela Deem meets with Michael Ilesanmi’s friends

After a cold and awkward greeting, Angela accused Michael of conspiring with his friends to talk about her behind her back and tell them she was in town.

However, Ade clarified that he found out through the grapevine after Angela lost it in front of Michael’s house, yelling expletives and vandalizing his car. Apparently, everyone in town knew Angela was there because of her notorious behavior.

They also knew something was up when Michael’s Instagram account suddenly disappeared.

Michael had met with his friends earlier in the season to let them know he started an Instagram account to become a social media influencer and earn money. Michael revealed Angela was angry with him and cut off his money to control him financially.

Michael’s friends wanted to know why Michael couldn’t have an Instagram account and Angela threw a tantrum.

Angela accused Michael’s friends of disrespecting her

Angela clearly didn’t like the scrutiny from “The Goofballs” and she let them know at ear-piercing levels. She accused them of disrespecting her while calling them foul, derogatory names.

Instead of trying to mediate, Michael admonished his friend for being disrespectful to his wife. Ade asked Michael to calm her, but as everyone knows by now, no one can tell Angela anything. Angela has stated many times over the years on the show that nobody tells her what to do.

Angela was able to control herself enough to the point of only threatening to flip over the table where they were seated. She instead told Michael they were leaving, and Ade accused Angela of playing the villain for the cameras.

The show ended with the Goofballs confused as to why Michael puts up with the drama, while Angela and Michael tearfully said their goodbyes before Angela boarded a plane back to America.

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