90 Day Fiance fans react to Stephanie Matto’s latest fart-related business venture

90 Day Fiance star Stephanie Matto
Stephanie Matto has another fart-related business venture up her sleeve. Pic credit: @stepankamatto/Instagram

90 Day Fiance viewers had plenty to say about Stephanie Matto’s latest fart-related business venture.

Stephanie became quite the innovator last year when she announced she was selling her farts in a jar.

The controversial side hustle might sound gross to many, but regardless, it’s earned Stephanie beaucoup bucks, reeling in over $90k after selling just one month’s worth of jarred flatulence.

Stephanie Matto launches latest fart-related business venture

Now, Stephanie is offering a similar product to her paying customers, and once again, it involves her farts.

In her Instagram Reels, Stephanie shared a video in which she sniffed a set of sheets while she lip-synced to a voiceover that said, “It’s puzzling. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this before.”

“When my customers finally receive their $2000 fully slept in fart sheets in the mail,” Stephanie added as text in the TikTok video.

In her caption, Stephanie detailed her latest offering: “Fully farted in, slept in, rolled around in, now available for pre-order! ? Videos of me sleeping in them and live streams of me sleeping on the sheets also available for a limited time on my platform @unfiltrdofficial linked in bio!”

“Thanks to my fans for the endless love and support! You guys make it possible! ? so excited to fullfill my first orders this week! I’ve been sleeping a lot to make this possible!” her caption concluded.

90 Day Fiance fans react to Stephanie selling ‘fart sheets’

Taking to the comments section, Stephanie’s followers had plenty to say about her latest venture.

“The world has become a very strange place. ?,” commented one of Stephanie’s followers, who likely won’t be ordering themselves a set of sheets.

Another one of Stephanie’s critics penned their dismay: “Is there anything she wont do for money. Not even cute anymore,” while another echoed the sentiment, writing, “This whole thing is getting pretty old.”

stephanie matto's followers comment on IG about her latest fart-related business venture
Pic credit: @stepankamatto/Instagram

“Like who in their right mind would buy this for real ? crazy,” another skeptic rhetorically asked.

When one of Stephanie’s followers didn’t believe she was really offering her farted-on sheets with a $2000 price tag, Stephanie reassured her it was, in fact, a real business venture.

“This is a joke right?” asked the critic. Stephanie simply answered, “im sorry but no.”

Despite her fart-selling business becoming so lucrative, Stephanie had to temporarily put it on hold when it took a toll on her physically.

Earlier this year, the reality TV star revealed that she landed in the emergency room, fearing she was suffering from a heart attack or a stroke. As it turned out, she was simply suffering from a painful case of trapped gas.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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