90 Day Fiance critics bash Yara Zaya for using a filter while promoting the products she’s selling

Yara Zaya
Yara annoyed fans with the social media display of her makeup brand. Pic credit: TLC

Not only were 90 Day Fiance critics unimpressed by Yara Zaya’s sneak peek at her new makeup line that just arrived but they were also annoyed that she put a filter on her Instagram video promoting the products.

On Yara’s Instagram story she displayed her eyeshadow palettes and brushes that had just arrived with the “Glam Barbie” filter over the entire video.

90 Day viewers bashed Yara in a Reddit thread for the perceived bad quality of the makeup as well as her inauthentic representation.

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Yara Zaya annoyed 90 Day Fiance viewers by putting a filter on her makeup promotion

Yara’s video showing off the new products she curated irritated 90 Day critics because she used a filter on the video and many claimed her makeup looked cheap.

On Reddit, someone reposted Yara’s stories from Instagram and added the subject attacking the quality of her product, “Ummm… maybe she should send these back to the lab *cough cough, factory*.”

More 90 Day viewers jumped into the comments to share their opinions on Yara’s product and presentation.

One of the top comments read, “I hate when people add a filter to s**t they’re trying to sell.”

Someone else responding to that statement wrote, “Me too. It just makes it even more confusing for the people trying to buy.”

Reddit thread about Yara Zaya
Pic credit: u/juniorthejagaban/Reddit

The other top comment had to do with the perceived quality of Yara’s makeup as one critic wrote, “Looks very cheapee.”

Someone else harped on the style of the makeup Yara was showing off. They remarked, “That first palette is pink, other pink, different pink, Pink, piiiiiiiink, lighter pink, darker pink, super pink, extremely pink, pinkish, day-pink, afternoon-tea-pink, and four other pinks. Why would she think it’s a good idea to use that many pods of the almost same color??? I guess she’s marketing these to herself.”

Another person in agreement added, “It does!!! I’m one of those people who would spend money on makeup if I think it’s worth it, sadly. And this is not it! Lol. I bet she wouldn’t even use those herself.”

Reddit thread about Yara Zaya
Pic credit: u/juniorthejagaban/Reddit

Yara Zaya has been bashed for misrepresenting her clothing line too

Critics who were wary of Yara’s clothing line called her out for buying clothes from cheap online retailers and then upselling them and claiming they were her own design.

Yara took it a step further and got caught in a lie when she swore that she makes all the clothes she sells and a picture she posted as evidence was exposed to be not her.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is currently on hiatus.

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