90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem’s attack on Avery Mills began in defense of Jesse Meester

Angela Deem and Avery Mills at the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell All
Angela took aim at Avery on stage at the Tell All but it didn’t start there. Pic credit: TLC

TLC has been teasing an explosive confrontation between Angela Deem and Avery Mills on stage at the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell All but the drama didn’t start there.

Instead, it turns out that Angela and Avery came face to face first backstage in the green room when Avery stood up for Darcey when Jesse Meester walked in.

Angela has been friends with Jesse for years now and the two have routinely stuck up for each other. It was no surprise when Angela stepped in for Jesse and tried to stop everyone else in the green room from questioning his motives for showing up at a Tell All for a season that he wasn’t even featured on.

Avery and Tim quickly showed their position, refusing to shake Jesse’s hand before a conversation started about why he showed up to another Before the 90 Days Tell All.

Still backstage, Jesse explained himself and said he wasn’t even there to confront Darcey (so why was he there, right?) and he was able to squash things with Avery.

She admitted that she was defensive because she thought Jesse was there to get in Darcey’s face and they seemed to be fine.

Then, when the rest of the cast was called on stage, Avery was still in tears. When Shaun Robinson asked what went on backstage to get Avery so upset, Angela stopped her and asked Avery if she needed to leave the stage to finish crying.

That pitted Angela and Avery against each other again and each time, Angela refused to let Avery even speak.

Rebecca Parrot, who has been seen mothering Avery and even sticking up with her, took aim at Angela because she couldn’t believe her act is real. Then, when Rebecca asked Angela to be more respectful to Avery, she exploded.

“Don’t put your finger in my face, little girl,” Angela said to Avery literally just after saying she was an adult and that she shouldn’t have to back down.

That prompted Rebecca to get up, calling Angela trash. As the women faced off, Angela said, “I”m trash all day long.”

As Angela continued railing on Avery for speaking up to Jesse, Teri Mills came out to defend her daughter too. It was interesting that even as security dragged Angela offstage, she was still yelling at Avery and never once took aim at Tim, who was the first to confront Jesse in the green room.

After getting kicked off the Tell All stage, Angela Deem was still trying to defend herself as she accused Avery of bullying Jesse. Even Benjamin talked about how Tim was the one arguing with Jesse when Angela came “flying in like a wrecking ball” and tore into Avery and not Tim.