1000-Lb. Sisters: Amy Slaton celebrates a major milestone for her son Gage

1000-Lb. Sisters star Amy Slaton shares her son, Gage's big milestone.
Amy Slaton celebrates her son’s first haircut. Pic credit: TLC

Amy Slaton has wanted nothing more than to be a mom. It was a primary reason she fought to have weight loss surgery on 1000-Lb. Sisters. She wanted to ensure she was healthy enough to conceive and safely deliver a baby.

Things went exactly as she hoped, and months after her surgery, Amy found out she was pregnant. Although her doctor recommended she wait a few years post-surgery to have children, she had a safe pregnancy, welcoming her son, Gage.

Since becoming a mother, Amy has proudly shared special moments and events with her fans. She recently took to social media to express her joy over her son reaching an exciting new milestone.

Amy celebrates Gage’s first haircut

Amy and her husband, Michael, often share private moments from their household on her YouTube channel. It’s a way she stays connected to her fans and allows them to see what the TV cameras don’t capture.

Recently, she posted a video showing the family celebrating a sweet milestone in Gage’s life – his first haircut. The 17-month-old got his golden blonde locks trimmed at a salon. The stylist carefully clipped his ends as Amy recorded the special moment.

In the video, Gage is being held by his dad, where he peacefully slept for most of the momentous occasion. Halfway through, he woke up and rested his head on his dad’s shoulders, and the stylist did her best to keep him calm and finish the job.

Amy posted the results on her Instagram, showing off the toddler’s sleeker look. She joked in the caption about him sleeping through most of the appointment but shared she was still “very proud” of her baby boy for reaching this milestone. She also shared a picture showing that she saved a lock of his hair and placed it in a baggie for safekeeping.

Amy shares an update on her pregnancy

While celebrating her son Gage, Amy also gave fans an update on her second pregnancy. She is expected to deliver another boy this summer, which she’s confessed will be the couple’s last child.

On Instagram, she revealed she is now 27-weeks pregnant. She posted a graphic from a pregnancy app she uses that provides updates on her baby’s growth and development.

Her baby is now weighing 2 pounds and measuring 14 ½ inches long. According to the app, he has also developed the ability to open and close his eyes and respond to seeing light.

Amy has shared that they have a few names in mind for their second child but have not decided on one just yet. They hope to land on a name that reflects their love for horror movies. Once they have met their new baby, Amy says they will officially decide on a name.

1000-Lb. Sisters is currently on hiatus.

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