Rashad Jennings on Catfish The TV Show: NFL player is worth millions

Rashad Jennings
Rashad Jennings is the co-host on the next episode of Catfish: The TV Show. Pic credit: MTV

Rashad Jennings is the next co-host on Catfish: The TV Show, as Rashad and Nev Schulman wrap up the last episode of the season. Jennings is best known for being an NFL player but tonight, he’ll help uncover the true identity of a catfish on the MTV hit.

Nev always tends to find co-hosts who have watched the show, so it will be interesting to see if Rashad has experienced a catfish incident himself or has been the victim of someone else using his images. Here’s what you need to know about him before tonight’s season finale.

Jennings started his NFL career back in 2009 when he signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He stayed with the team until 2012, moving to the Oakland Raiders for a season, and then wrapped up two years with the New York Giants in 2016. He was a free agent for about a year, but announced his retirement in late 2017.

Jennings is from Forest, Virginia where he calls himself the chubby kid with glasses and asthma. In his bio on his website, he also revealed that he had a GPA of .6 and he always had struggles in school, causing him to focus on football.

His impressive seasons in the NFL has earned him a career net worth of $8,310,000, which works out to an annual salary of approximately $2 million a year.

While in the NFL, Rashad Jennings has also pursued other ventures, including becoming a speaker. He also focuses on fitness, exercise, diet, and even writes about hyperbaric oxygen chambers on his website, as this was often part of his recovery process in the NFL.

In May 2018, Jennings published his book, The IF in Life: How to Get Off Life’s Sidelines and Become Your Best Self. The book talks about Jennings’ life as a chubby kid who felt like the outsider, and how he fought against all odds to get to the NFL.

As if his resume isn’t impressive enough, he’s also the founder of The Rashad Jennings Foundation, a non-profit that aims to make the lives of children better by focusing on education, encouragement, and support.

One of the things that will come up during tonight’s episode of Catfish: The TV Show is Rashad’s win on Dancing With The Stars back in 2017. Here, he won the Mirrorball Trophy with Emma Slater as a partner.

Catfish: The TV Show airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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