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Raining fish and an early scuba tank with Cousteau in Mysteries at the Museum

Cousteau in Mysteries at the Museum
Cousteau in Mysteries at the Museum looks at how Cousteau changed diving forever

Tonight on Mysteries at the Museum – the story of how Cousteau changed diving forever and why fish sometimes rain from the sky.

Host Don Wildman looks at the work of diving pioneer Jacques-Yves Cousteau. He had been inspired by the earlier work of Captain Yves Le Prieur, who had made real progress in making autonomous diving a reality. One big flaw of his system was that the air flowed all the time, meaning that the diving time limited.

However, during WWII the Germans invented a demand regulator for engines and Cousteau realised he could adapt this for his Aqua-Lung, thus was born the elf-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA) .

Early Cousteau Film

This episode Don also looks at the bizarre phenomenon of raining fish…

Watch Mysteries at the Museum – Fish Rain, Oil Heir Snare and Cousteau and the Aqua-Lung at 9 PM on Travel Channel. 

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