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Racing legend JJ ‘Da Boss’ throws epic $60k race on Street Outlaws finale

Close-up of JJ Da Boss on Street Outlaws
JJ Da Boss talks rules, or the lack thereof, on the season finale of Street Outlaws

Memphis street-racing legend JJ ‘Da Boss’ throws an epic race on the 2½-hour season finale of Street Outlaws — with a $60,000 prize.

JJ part of the Memphis Street Outlaws, has been racing and gambling in various forms since he was 10.

In the season finale of Street Outlaws he heads to the OKC to host a massive race which attracts a who’s who of the Oklahoma street-racing scene.

Pretty much everyone with a reputation turns up to compete. Why? The $60,000 prize at stake.

But this isn’t no ordinary race. JJ is taking things back to basics with old-school rules meaning there’s no center line and the drivers can pretty much do whatever it takes to win.

That means the drivers all take a no-holds barred approach, leading to some incredible races and serious drama.

But who comes out top?

JJ ‘Da Boss’ is a legend of the Memphis street-racing scene — one of the fastest racers on the local list, and also one of the biggest gamblers.

The Street Outlaws season finale airs tonight at 9/8c on Discovery. 

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