Race to land the first fish is on as Wicked Tuna returns for Season 6

Wicked Tuna Season 6 on Hot Tuna
Wicked Tuna is back for Season 6, but who will catch the first fish. Credit: Nat Geo

Wicked Tuna is back for Season 6 and the boats are out to land the first lucrative fish.

This season the FV-Tuna.com and its captain Dave Carraro are back, as is no-nonsense Hard Merchandise along with youngster McLaughlin on The Pin Wheel.

T.J. laments the one that got away
T.J. on Hot Tuna laments the one that got away

The largest fleet boat The Hot Tuna captained by the charismatic T.J. also returns as does Herbert on the Wicked Pissah –  the man with a small boat but a big personality. There is also a new boat in the form the Fish Hawk.

Fish Hawk Captain Brad
Fish Hawk’s Captain Brad Krasowski. Credit: Nat Geo

The Fish Hawk is captained by Brad Krasowski  who was introduced to fishing by his father and loves the solitude of the ocean.

Captain Brad and First Mate Matt Mattson on Fish Hawk
Captain Brad and First Mate Matt Mattson on Fish Hawk. Credit: Nat Geo

He’s taken a big personal gamble this season by striking out on his own by purchasing Novi trawler the Fish Hawk and moving his family to Maine.

The series follows the fishermen of Gloucester, Massachusetts, as they pursue their catch of bluefin tuna with rod and reel. It might be one fish at a time but a large bluefin can fetch over $20,000.

Catch Wicked Tuna – The First Fish Is the Hardest at 9:00 PM on National Geographic Channel.

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