Queen of the South: The maid was a witness, now she must die

James in Queen of the South
James wants the maid dead on tonight’s episode of Queen of the South

On tonight’s Queen of the South on USA Network, the maid Teresa came face-to-face with during last week’s bungled heist is in serious danger — but can Teresa save her?

James is worried that the maid, Maria, could turn them in after her encounter with Teresa at the hotel, and says something must be done before she does.

But Teresa, who took pity on her in the last episode, races to try and protect her.

In one scene, James demands of Teresa: “Give me the info you’ve got on the maid. The maid in the room.”

Teresa says: “She won’t say anything, she was scared.”

But James warns her: “This isn’t a robbery any more Teresa, it’s a murder investigation. The cops, they tend to lose their sense of humor at this point. We can’t be tied to this. She’s the only one who saw your face.”

Teresa insists she doesn’t know her name.

James reminds her that he specifically told her to get a picture of the maid’s ID.

But Teresa says: “She was scared, I threatened her.”

James replies: “So you didn’t get it?”

Teresa says again: “I didn’t get her name.”

As the two start to argue, Camila shouts: “Enough! You know what’s done is done. Call Danny at the Sheriff’s office. He’ll track her address for us. That’s what he’s paid for.”

Another scene sees Teresa race to Maria’s flat and tell her: “There are people coming for you. If you stay here, they will find you.”

Also on tonight’s Queen of the South, Camila promises her partners that she’s now back in the game, and insists that she is done with Epifianio for good.

Queen of the South Season 1 Episode 9 preview

Queen of the South airs Thursdays at 10/9c on USA Network.

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