‘Pull me up!’ Rogue boulder sparks diving emergency on Gold Rush: White Water

Carlos underwater in scuba gear on Gold Rush: White Water
Carlos under water before the emergency on Gold Rush: White Water

On the next Gold Rush: White Water, Carlos Minor has to be pulled up in an emergency after being hit by a rogue boulder.

Watch our exclusive clip as he is sent down in full scuba gear to help the dredge suck up paydirt under water, but comes across a problem.

As he moves smaller rocks into a basket to free-up the suction tube, bigger, more dangerous boulders are loosened.

The area of Alaska where “Dakota” Fred Hurt and son Dustin Hurt are hunting for gold cannot be accessed on foot or by boats, only by planes, helicopters and zip lines — so if something goes wrong help is not close by.

Carlos is wearing a special helmet with radio communications and oxygen hoses as he vacuums the bottom of the river using a sluice.

The mixture of dirt and gold from the river bottom comes up the tube to be washed with water above ground, and any gold is winnowed out and collected.

Carlos Minor (L)
Carlos comes to the surface as the team try to move a huge boulder out of the way

The action all seems to be going in a positive direction as Carlos goofs around, mimicking his crew boss saying: “I’m Dustin Hurt!”

But Dustin is watching above the water line and pressuring the guys to keep working. Suddenly, the camera picks up a wall of boulders under the water as Carlos is submerged.

One boulder immediately jumps in the frame and Carlos frantically calls for help, as all the guys above the water line see is a mass of bubbles indicating something is wrong.

Will Carlos be freed in time?

Gold Rush: White Water airs Fridays at 10/9c on Discovery.

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