Pucker up for Love at First Kiss on TLC

Love at First Kiss
Love at First Kiss: Josh goes for the classic kiss-them-on-the-side-of-the-head…WTF!

TLC’s new singles show Love at First Kiss premieres tonight — with some seriously awkward, steamy and funny results.

The show takes singles and asks them to pucker up to someone they’ve never met before. The goal is to find out if it will be love at first kiss or a first kiss goodbye.

If either of the pair feel butterflies as they lock lips they can ask for a speed date. If that goes well too then they have a real date!

In this first clip, 27-year-old Emily is hoping her match is a really good kisser, as she’s tried everything to find a man. Online dating, nights out and even approaching randoms…so she is hopeful that Love at First Kiss will do the trick.

Sadly this time her kissing partner is Josh and he talks the talk with “maybe I’ll be able to slip tongue” but when he enters the stark white kissing room and sees Emily…well, he asks to kiss her then does a totally weird kiss to the side of her head with a little hug. Then he makes a swift exit…ok then!

The second clip features Josie and Ashley and their kiss could not be more different. Steamy stuff as they spark from the first moment.

Every episode will feature new singles and those who did not find love the first time around.

From sexy to uncomfortable, see how a clinch can quickly lead to real connections as these singles lose their inhibitions in the name of true love.

If you’re feeling a bit left out then you can still get in on the action, head to the kissometer to vote on the best kisses.

Prepare for some serious smooching tonight at 10/9c on TLC.

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