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Proof of loot found as the hunt for Treasure of the Trinity continues on Treasure Quest: Snake Island

If Snake Island really does hide the Treasure of the Trinity then it was well chosen
If Snake Island really does hide the Treasure of the Trinity then it was well chosen

On this episode of Treasure Quest: Snake Island the team find evidence of treasure in the rain forest near an old mission.

They also discover some Jesuit silver being sold on the black market and try to discover its origin.

Snake Island
Jeremy has dedicated his life to searching for treasure in South America

Last week in Paraguay there was a scary incident of either road rage or more likely attempted highway robbery!

This second series follows the continued quest of the treasure hunters led by Cork Graham as they try to find the Treasure of the Trinity.

The snake infested island of the first season yielded nothing and saw team members put themselves in considerable danger as they scoured an area with one snake for every square meter.

Treasure clues
A clue to the Treasure of the Trinity?

The island itself lies in Atlantic off the coast of Brazil and is called Ilha da Queimada Grande.

Now as they widen their search and look for new clues, will they finally find the legendary Inca gold?

If you’re a fan of treasure hunting then be sure to catch up with Oak Island and Money Pit as well. That search has been going on for over a 100 years!

Catch Treasure Quest: Snake Island – Treasure Found! at 10 PM on Discovery Channel.

James Wray

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