Prank-O Fake on Shark Tank: Former Onion writer pitches prank gifts

Prank-O Fake
Prank-O Fake may just be a laughable investment. Pic credit: ABC/Tony Rivetti

Entrepreneurs from Minneapolis, Minnesota are going into the tank this Sunday to pitch a very unique product to the sharks on Shark Tank. Believe it or not, but they are just pitching a box design.

The box design is meant to bring laughs, as there’s no greater gift than laughing. Prank-O creates boxes with outrageous products on the front, allowing people to buy these boxes to hide their real gifts.

In other words, people think they are getting Pet Sweep, mops for their dog, but they are actually getting a gift that they want. The box is just meant to hide the real gift – and get some laughs!

CEO, Ryan Walther, started writing for The Onion and he continued to grow his business on the side. His work as a writer had similarities to Prank-O – to make people laugh.

When Ryan met Arik Nordby, a salesman with the same dreams of making people laugh, the two decided to pursue a brand new way of creating gift boxes. The company now consists of 15 people. Even the company’s website carries the same kind of humor, as all the official cast photos are of old people.

On the company’s website, they even break it down for you. Step 1, wrap your real gift in their unique and hilarious packaging. Step 2, wrap the box. Step 3, keep a straight face as your friends or family members open their gift. Simple.

You can buy your Prank-O boxes on the company’s website. The boxes are $7 and there is free shipping on anything above $10. So, if you buy two boxes, you get the products shipped for free.

The products are also available on Amazon, where the products are listed for $7.99 and are part of Amazon’s Prime program.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

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