Power spoilers: Did 50 Cent just tell us who shot Ghost or is it a distraction after leaked ending?

50 Cent dropped a Power sneak peek that could turn out to be a major spoiler
50 Cent dropped a Power sneak peek that could turn out to be a major spoiler. Pic credit:

There’s only one episode of Power left and Starz viewers really want to know who shot Ghost.

And with just days until their identity is revealed, 50 Cent has posted a new sneak peek for the finale titled Reversal of Fortune that has many fans of the show wondering if he just gave it all away.

Warning: Potential Power finale spoilers

In the clip 50 Cent shared to Instagram on Monday, we see Tasha holding a gun. We know she wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone who stood in the way of her family’s freedom and she proves as much again when she pulls the trigger.

Did Tasha shoot Ghost?

But who was Tasha pointing the gun at? That is the biggest question that was not answered in the latest Power preview.

“I can’t let you destroy my son,” Tasha says before pulling the trigger. And since we all know that Ghost is dead, it’s pretty easy to assume that she is the one who killed him. But would it really end that easy?

Some have already accused 50 Cent of trying to divert attention away from the real killer with this clip. Apparently, Ghost’s shooter isn’t Tasha and she may have killed in the Power finale in order to protect the person who really did it.

Who shot Ghost?

Another clip from the Power finale also leaked, just before 50 Cent posted. Twitter user @Maserati_Gotti_ shared a clip said to be from the final episode and it gives away the biggest Power spoiler of them all — who shot Ghost.

And as many fans of the show guessed, it was Ghost’s own son Tariq who pulled the trigger and killed his dad.

In the clip, we see James “Ghost” St. Patrick tell Tariq that he loves him and then tries to talk him out of killing him. But as we hear the pop of the gun, a woman comes running in, screaming, “Nooooooooooo!”

The clip is grainy but the woman who witnesses Tariq killing Ghost is Paz, who also wanted to see to it that Ghost died. And based on what we saw, she was ready and willing to do it all herself.

And while we didn’t see her do it, it’s safe to assume that Tasha took out Paz, telling her that she won’t allow her to destroy her son.

Make sure to tune in on Sunday night to see exactly how the dominoes fall as Power reveals who shot Ghost and how the end of James St. Patrick’s story plays out.

Power airs Sundays at 10/9c on Starz. 

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