Potato Parcel: The ‘send your loved one a potato’ firm on Shark Tank

Potato Parcel owner Riad Bekhit, left, on Shark Tank
Potato Parcel’s Riad Bekhit, left, and Alex Craig, right, during their pitch on Shark Tank

This week’s Shark Tank features one of the most unusual pitches ever, by the owners of Potato Parcel — a firm which lets you send a message to a loved one…on a POTATO!

The wacky US firm allows you to order a potato with a custom message on it and send it to a family member or friend. As the founders say on Shark Tank: “That’s it!”

The guys behind it — Riad Bekhit and Alex Craig — appeared on the ABC show to try and get some funding to grow their business — as well as some great publicity.

To make their pitch they even dressed up as potatoes!

Last year the business was expanded to add new takes on the potato parcel, including the Potato Pal — which allows you to put someone’s face on a potato — and Potato Postcard, which is a postcard stuck on a potato.

The current prices for delivery in the US are $9.99 for the standard Potato Parcel, $14.99 for the Potato Pal and $12.99 for the Potato Postcard.

All potato messages have a 130 character limit.

On their Shark Tank pitch, the pair were looking for $50,000 for 10 per cent equity in the company.  Watch a clip of it below.

Shark Tank airs Firdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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