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Portals To Hell Exclusive: Katrina Weidman talks new season on Discovery+ and remnants of haunted places

Katrina Weidman
Weidman is part of the team that makes Portals To Hell a chilling cross country haunt and seek. Pic credit: discovery+ and Katrina Weidman

Katrina Weidman is part of the dynamic duo that includes Jack Osbourne on Portals To Hell streaming commercial-free on Discovery+.

Fans love how Osbourne and Weidman face off against startling paranormal activity while conducting historical research and on-site investigating in progressively creepier-than-ever locations.

They explore places across America that are loaded with supernatural secrets so dark that the sinister energy left behind is palpable to these paranormal sleuths.

The series jumped from Travel Channel to Discovery+ and has begun streaming new episodes weekly, beginning March 20.

Weiman brings good cheer along with her paranormal expertise, and together with Jack Osbourne, the two are highly entertaining for this genre of reality television. They are aided by their newest team of experts as they use advanced scientific equipment and techniques to measure the inexplicable energy-filled events that surround each haunted locale.

This season they have signed on extra paranormal specialists and psychic mediums to help them sort through the data they collect.

Each new episode will continue to launch weekly every Saturday on the new streaming giant.

Each haunting serves up a complex backstory

Weidman said, “Jack and I have investigated many places, but we were both taken aback by how complex and intelligent these hauntings seem to be. There were a number of times we really felt something was among us. It’s scary, but as investigators, it gives us insight into the many layers of a haunting.”

In the Discovery+ press release, Jack Osbourne added: “This was one of the most mind-bending legs we’ve done. These places have such deep, dark hauntings and energy so intense and powerful that you can actually feel it throughout your entire body. When you physically experience the paranormal, it gives you a massive adrenaline rush, but it’s also incredibly unsettling. There were moments when I just wanted to get the hell out of there.”

Upcoming episodes

Prior weeks saw them at the Hotel Monte Vista and the Grant-Humphreys Mansion. The Stephenson Building will be up next on Saturday, April 3 streaming on Discovery+

Osbourne and special guest investigator Heather Taddy visit the Stephenson Building in Wymore, Nebraska. This former dancehall and brothel houses oddities like a museum full of dark, cursed items.

This is virgin territory as the location never has been investigated on TV. During their investigation, and with the help of psychic Tyler Evans, they find demonic activity might be influencing one of the museum’s owners.

Considered to be Connecticut’s most haunted home, Poquetanuck’s infamous Captain Grant’s Inn will stream on Saturday, April 10 on discovery+.

The current owner, Carol, claims she was attacked by an evil spirit and even tried to have an exorcism to eliminate the angry spirit. Following the exorcism, the paranormal experiences were mild but recently, there was an uptick in ghostly activity.

Now, Osbourne and Weidman seek to discover if these are historical hauntings or if there is something worse afoot. The duo asks Carol to join the night investigation for an unprecedented experiment that leaves the entire team speechless.

Exclusive interview

Monsters & Critics spoke to Weidman about this new season and new home for the popular series.

Monsters & Critics: Portals to Hell has a very intense up-close style of production. Were COVID-19 production restrictions a rethink of how the show is presented?

Katrina Weidman: Like everyone, we had to change how we were working. For example, instead of hotels Jack and I lived in RVs. The crew and production staff wore masks, everyone was tested including anyone we interviewed, and we had to be mindful about our distance from each other.

M&C: You and Jack are a great team. His family also was in on the paranormal fun with a video review show. Will any other Osbournes make an appearance?

Katrina Weidman: I think we can all agree if that ever happened, it would make for a fun investigation!

M&C: The premiere kicked off with a family of serial killers. This is weird. These killers are usually solitary killers. What was their intention and motivation? Why did they kill? Was that ever discovered? What were the disturbing paranormal moments faced on the McCormick farm?

Katrina Weidman: I don’t think I could do any real justice in laying out the deeply disturbing events that occurred on the McCormick farm here since the crimes and personalities involved are complex.

As an overview, it is speculated that three generations of the McCormick family were killing their staff. Although, only the youngest of the three family members was convicted and went to jail for the crimes.

Only a few bodies have been found, but it’s believed there are many more. With 3,000 acres of land and dwindling funds, the team recovering the victims had to stop looking.

I think the most disturbing part for me wasn’t actually the supernatural at all. It was being on a property that has such a negative history to it.

Knowing that possibly dozens of people lost their lives here in such a brutal way is chilling. The fear of knowing what had occurred superseded any fear from a possible activity we had.

M&C: You come with paranormal expertise, talk about the advanced scientific equipment and techniques and your new network of specialists, including psychic mediums. Who are these people and what do they bring to you and Jack Osbourne?

Katrina Weidman: All of the equipment we use is based on what we think the supernatural could be. Most of the time we try and use equipment that can help verify or debunk someone’s personal experience.

For example, if we have a witness who says they always feel a drastic cold temperature shift in a room we’ll use a thermal camera to see if we can confirm that event.

A lot of our equipment is very fringe, like the voice boxes that are often used.

There is no piece of equipment that can prove a ghost exists, but we can try to document someone’s experience and then try and find the cause behind it whether that be a natural explanation or unknown.

We work with many psychics this season including Michelle Belanger, Cindy Kaza, Tim Shaw, and Christopher Fleming to name a few.

Each psychic works differently, but in general we use them with the hope of confirming information and expand on the whos/whats/and whys of the present-day activity.

M&C: Discovery+ is a big deal. Are you excited for this new home and what is your new Discovery+ guilty pleasure or favorite “other” series?

Katrina Weidman: There is a ton of content on Discovery+ and I’ve been watching a lot of the Science Channel. My favorite show I’ve seen so far is Last Days of Pompeii. I’ve watched it twice and will probably watch it a third time.

M&C: When you are off season or not in active production, how do you and Jack stay connected?

Katrina Weidman: We check in with each other regularly, usually through text.

M&C: How does your production company vet these paranormal locales and decide what is worth your time?

Katrina Weidman: That can be a long and involved process. There’s a lot of research, interviews, tracking down witnesses.

We have our wish lists, of course, but we also have to consider access, safety conditions and more.

There are a lot of boxes that have to be ticked in order for a location to move forward.

M&C: Any physical remnants and lingering issues from hauntings and paranormal energy from this last season?

Katrina Weidman: For me, it really goes back to the McCormick farm. I have a hard time being around such tragedy and not taking it home with me.

M&C: Why are hotels so rich with paranormal activity? You visit an old one in Flagstaff. Talk about that experience, please.

Katrina Weidman: I can’t say for sure, but many believe it’s because of the amount of energy we put into hotels.

There are so many people in and out, good events happen there, bad events happen there, stories and people are forgotten.

The thought is that all of that can lead to present day supernatural activity.

M&C: One of the episodes takes place in an Amusement Park (Lake Shawnee). That’s odd and rare I take it. Talk about why that was and what you felt there. What was the backstory?

Katrina Weidman: I actually wasn’t physically on this investigation so I can’t speak to feelings.

However, many people have had experiences on that property. It’s generally speculated that it might have something to do with the Native American history connected to the property.

Portals To Hell streams a new episode every Saturday, beginning March 20, 21 on Discovery+

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