Pop-up Pee Pads for dogs from The Little Couple: Where to buy them and how they work

Bill Klein and his brother working on the prototype for the Pop Up Puppy Pee Pads on The Little Couple
On The Little Couple, Bill Klein and his brother worked on their Pop Up Puppy Pads. Pic credit: TLC

Last season on The Little Couple, we saw Bill Klein and his brother working on the prototype for their Pop-Up Pee Pads. They looked like a pretty cool idea and one that could make them a lot of money.

The pet product became available just months after the episode aired and over the past year, has been growing in popularity. Now that The Little Couple is back on TLC for Season 13, viewers have been wondering about the Pop-Up Pee Pads and we have the answers.

As seen on The Little Couple as Bill Klein and his brother were looking at their invention, the Pop-Up Pee Pad solves the issue of dogs attempting to use a potty pad as they are trained but still missing and urinating on other things. The problem that Klein was trying to solve came from a dog lifting its leg and missing part of the pad or all of it entirely.

An illustration of the Pop-Up Pee Pad
The Pop-Up Pee Pad is designed for dogs that lift their legs. Pic credit: rockyandmaggies.com

Though they admitted last season that the fire hydrant design is simply for decoration, it’s the pop up itself that attracts dogs to lift their leg on it rather than somewhere else on the paper. That helps to ensure the pet potties in the right place and helps eliminate spills and misses.

Placing the Pop-Up Pee Pads is simple. When the pad is unfolded, the fire hydrant design pops right up. Nothing special must be done to keep the hydrant up due to the way it is attached to the pad.

Where to buy Pop-Up Pee Pads

You’d think a product like this would be available at any pet store but it’s not. Pop-Up Pee Pads are specialty pet products and as such, are only available in one place, Rocky and Maggie’s Pet Boutique and Salon.

The upscale pet store is owned by Bill Klein and has a storefront in Houston, Texas that can be visited to browse the aisles and to purchase Pop-Up Pee Pads. However, if Houston is a bit of a drive, they can be ordered online too, on the Rocky and Maggie’s Pet Boutique website.

The Pop-Up Pee Pads as seen on The Little Couple come in two package sizes
The Pop-Up Pee Pads come in two different count sizes. Pic credit: rockyandmaggies.com

Currently,  Pop-Up Pee Pads can be purchased in packages of 10, 25 or 50 with the package prices ranging from $14.99 to $44.95. Despite the premium price, the Pop-Up Pee Pads must be popular because the 50-pack is currently sold out.

The website offers free shipping over $100 and has tons of awesome pet supplies and toys that are sure to tempt any cat or dog owner.

The Little Couple airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC. 

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