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Plop Star on Shark Tank: Tyler Jay pitches portable bathroom deodorizer tablets

Plop Star on Shark Tank
Tyler pitches bathroom deodorizer Plop Star on Shark Tank. Pic credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Plop Star is one of four products that will feature on this week’s episode of Shark Tank. Plop Star is a Chicago-based startup founded by Tyler Jay, an entrepreneur from Western Springs, Illinois.

Tyler, a graduate of Media Arts from the University of Arizona, is pitching the “world’s most discrete bathroom deodorizer” that helps to block embarrassing bathroom odors before they start.

Tyler is the founder of the Chicago-based creative production studio Tandem Inc. He started Tandem in 2014 after working in the ad industry for global ad agencies, such as Leo Burnett and Draft FCB.

Tyler introduced Plop Star in 2018, and since then he has worked to build it into a successful brand. Plop Star was the result of three-and-a-half years of  R&D. At first, Tyler and his R&D team experimented with a liquid toilet deodorizer spray that would mask bad bathroom odor, but they weren’t satisfied with the results. They found that aerosols and toilet sprays didn’t completely mask bathroom smells.

The idea of bathroom deodorizer in the form of a portable tablet came to Tyler after a business partner mentioned that his kids loved bath bombs. Inspired by the concept behind bath bombs, his team began working to develop a bathroom deodorizer in tablet form.

According to Tyler, Plop Star lets you “rock the bowl with confidence” by completely overcoming embarrassing bathroom odors that are the natural aftermath of pooping.

If you’ve always been uncomfortable about using bathrooms outside the comfort of your own home, with Plop Stars, you will feel free to poop anywhere, anytime, according to Tyler. With Plop Stars you won’t leave embarrassing odors after pooping at your office or as a guest at a friend’s home.

Plop Stars are especially convenient because they come as portable tablets.

According to the product website, all you need to do is drop one tablet in the toilet bowl then wait ten seconds before you sit and “rock the bowl with confidence.” Plop Star releases a buffer of essential oils with a subtle and beautiful citrus scent that completely blocks embarrassing bathroom odors before they start.

Plop Star comes in three packs and sizes: Plop Star 6-Pack, priced at $4.99, Plop Star 30-pack, priced at $12.99, and Plop Star 30-Pack Tub, priced at $14.99.

You can buy Plop Stars from online stores, including Amazon.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

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