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Playhouse Masters make jawdropping trio of tiny houses based on Neverland in exclusive clip!

Tyson is utterly amazed at how the Lost Boys house is coming out

A trio of playhouses inspired by Peter Pan is the task on TLC’s Playhouse Masters tonight.

Tyson Leavitt and his wife Audy head to Raymond, Canada, to recreate Peter Pan’s Neverland with three custom playhouses including a pirate ship, Wendy’s house and the Lost Boy’s hideout for their clients who have six children.

We are psyched that Playhouse Masters is finally back on TLC, where the most adorable detail-rich miniature houses are turned out based on fairy-tales and classic stories.

The two geniuses behind all this, Tyson and Audy Leavitt, continue to work with their clients as they imagine these elaborate playhouses out of their family-run Charmed Playhouses business.

Noting the inherent design challenges, Audy says: “One of the hard parts about this job, in particular, is that we have three different styles of playhouses so one minute we’re working on a pirate ship within the next minute, we’re in Wendy’s house.”

Noting the three different looks and types of houses to be built, Tyson adds: “We’re really trying to get Wendy’s house done first we’re building the two levels separately and so far we finished the stairs and the electric fireplace on the first floor… now we need to stack the two pieces then stucco and paint it so it’s ready for Audy to decorate.”

But things get tricky because these houses are so not linear and perfect, they are based on an imagined vision which has curves and architectural embellishments.

Tyson says: “We’re two weeks into the project and we are behind schedule. We’re building basically an 800-square foot house in a month, and it’s not just straight walls and square logs, there’s curves and bends and corbels.”

The incredible level of detail captures the things that Audy wanted to see realized.

“I want this version of a playhouse to be as close to a real house as possible,” says Audy.

Keeping to the clients’ vision, Audy notes: “Jamie [client] was really specific that she wants the Lost Boys’ house to look like the boys made it themselves.”

The little touches of the more masculine playhouse delights Tyson, who adds: “The best thing about the Lost Boys house is going to be that zip line up top.

But we’re also going to make the main level look like it was made of a tree and make the deck in the structure have all sorts of angles like the kids would design them. Make the themes going in every direction… and multi-level so they can crawl all over the place it’s going to be the crown jewel of this!”

Watch and see the concept go from paper to three-dimensional houses for six lucky kids tonight!

Playhouse Masters airs Saturday at 10/9c on TLC

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