Pick-Up Pools on Shark Tank: An upgrade to an old pool party hack

Pick-Up Pools presents their business idea on Shark Tank
Pick-Up Pools takes the idea of turning your truck bed into a pool up a notch. Pic credit: ABC/Eric McCandles

Turning your pickup bed into a pool might be tempting on a hot summer night. It does seem like a very practical way to cool off when the temperatures start to rise and that’s why Tommy Prestella is on Shark Tank, asking the sharks to consider investing in his company, Pick-Up Pools.

The concept of creating a swimming pool in the back of your truck isn’t exactly new. There are plenty of tutorials that show how to rig one up with a simple tarp (and there are plenty of memes making fun of the idea too).

Tommy Prestella is taking things one step further with his Pick-Up Pools design, turning this idea into an actual product and touting the idea that you can use your truck to take a pool party anywhere you want.

On the Pick-Up Pools website, there are three different sizes of pool liners to choose from, all depending on the size of the truck bed. There’s even a handy guide to show which size is needed based on the make and model of the vehicle.

There are three sizes of Pick-Up Pools, covering all the bases for short-bed, standard and long-bed trucks. The prices range from $189.99 for the smallest to $219.99 for the largest option offered.

Turning your truck bed into a pool is an idea that’s been around for decades but usually, they have been made in a much cheaper and less sophisticated way.

Will the sharks bite on this idea and want to invest? Or will they defer to the less technical method of covering the truck bed in a cheap tarp to get a similar outcome?

We’ll have to watch and see.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC. 

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