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Peter Capaldi returns as Doctor Who Season 10 kicks off with intro to new companion Bill

The Doctor and Bill in a tunnel
The Doctor is back and he has a new friend

Doctor Who is back for an all-new season on BBC America with Peter Capaldi returning as The Doctor.

In this first episode of Season 10 we meet the Doctor’s new companion Bill, played by Pearl Mackie, and the pair are immediately in danger.

Now that can't end well
Now that can’t end well

The Pilot explains how the two of them meet and Bill gets to explore the TARDIS for the first time, before going on her first adventure with The Doctor.

Nardole is accompanying The Doctor
Nardole is accompanying The Doctor

Unusually the BBC have decided to make this first episode a sort of jumping on point for the whole show.

Old enemies and new for The Doctor this season
Old enemies and new for The Doctor this season

So if you’ve never seen Doctor Who before this is the ideal time to start watching, with The Doctor’s mission on Earth and his backstory fleshed out like never before.

Brit comedian and actor Matt Lucas make an appearance as The Doctors travelling companion Nardole, who is more or less human.

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Doctor Who airs on Saturdays at 9 PM on BBC America. 

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