Pepsi Super Bowl commercial 2019: Watch Cardi B, Steve Carell and Lil Jon’s ‘More Than OK’ ad in full

The Pepsi 2019 Super Bowl commercial is here and it’s perfection. Pic credit: Pepsi

Pepsi is taking an interesting approach to this year’s Super Bowl commercial, one that directly connects to some of their biggest competitors.

When people order a soft drink, they may ask for a coke, causing the servers to ask if Pepsi is okay instead if this is their only selection.

There’s only one way to handle this question and that’s with humor.

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In the Super Bowl commercial, a woman orders a coke and when the server asks if Pepsi is okay, Steve Carell interrupts the conversation, asking aggressively if Pepsi is okay as if it simply doesn’t make sense.

He then compares the question to whether puppies are okay, and whether a shooting star is okay. Steve continues, asking if the laughter of a small child is okay.

The message is clear – Pepsi is clearly more than okay.

To prove that Pepsi is the best you can order, Steve and the server switch roles with Steve telling the server how to order a drink.

“You’ll have a nice, cold glass of the best thing you’ve ever tasted, okay?”

And that’s when Carell says that the “okay” needs to be said correctly, perhaps with some pride.

Enter celebrities. First up, Lil Jon is behind the counter with his iconic “okaaaaay” saying, confident as ever.

The shot then goes to the door, where Cardi B walks in, saying her “okurrr.”

Cardi B then grabs an bedazzled can of Pepsi from the counter top and sexily approaches Steve, the server and the woman who had originally ordered a coke.

Steve then asks again what they had learned today and it’s simple — she now wants a Pepsi. The server has also learned that he should simply ask whether she wants a Pepsi.

No more “is Pepsi okay” questions.

And to top it off, Steve Carell tries his best to mimic Lil Jon and Cardi B, but fails miserably. It’s a nice hilarious touch to end the commercial.

The Super Bowl airs February 3 at 6:30/5:30c on CBS.

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