Pepa’s son Tyran Moore Jr on Growing Up Hip Hop: Everything you need to know

Tyran Moore Jr makes an appearance on Growing Up Hip Hop
Pepa’s son, Tyran Moore Jr returns to Growing Up Hip Hop


Tyran Moore Jr makes an appearance on Growing Up Hip Hop
Pepa’s son, Tyran Moore Jr returns to Growing Up Hip Hop

This week on Growing Up Hip Hop, Pepa’s son, Tyran Moore Jr. shows up to visit his mom. He says the reason for his visit is to start healing their broken relationship. It turns out that the visit may not be a total success and in sneak peeks for this week, Tyran is disappointed because he isn’t getting to spend any time alone with his mom.

Tyran descends from hip-hop royalty but not much is known about the 28-year old. He has a small Instagram following and often posts pictures and videos of his workouts.

Pepa’s son works as a sensai at Wing Chun Science and often shares photos of his work. Wing Chun is a form Kung Fu that originated in Southern China and something that Tyran is passionate about.

What we do know is that his biological father is Tyran “Tah Tah” Moore, a rapper and alleged Supreme Team gang member and associate of Kenneth McGriff from New York. He also has reported connections to Murder Inc, the label that made Ja Rule famous.

His name became synonymous with 50 Cent after he accused Moore of trying to shoot him back in 2002. Just a year later, Moore was arrested after a standoff with New York City police due to the suspicion that he was involved in the murder of a police captain.

Tyran Moore has a slew of murder arrests and a rap sheet a mile long. One of the most famous cases he was questioned about was the murder of Run DMC’s Jam Master Jay.

While Moore denied any involvement in the shooting, he was still reportedly a suspect after his fingerprint was found on a car in the area. He claimed that he’d been at a club in the area that night as the reason for his print being near the scene of the shooting. That murder is still unsolved.

Based on that brief history of Tyran Moore Jr.’s father, it makes perfect sense that he looks up to Treach, Pepa’s ex-husband and his sister Egypt’s father, as his own father figure. In fact, he recently shared a video to Instagram from the Ship-Hop cruise where Naughty By Nature performed. He can be seen on stage with the group.

Clearly, family is important to Tyran. Hopefully, he will be able to spend some time with his mom during this visit on Growing Up Hip Hop.

Growing Up Hip Hop airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on WEtv. 

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