Pat Sajak health scare: Vanna White to host Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa Giveaway

vanna white to host wheel of fortune secret santa giveaway during pat sajak health scare
Vanna White to host Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa Holiday Giveaway. Pic credit: Wheel of Fortune/YouTube

Due to a recent Pat Sajak health scare, Vanna White took over hosting duties for the Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa Giveaway.

Sajak had to have emergency surgery for a blocked intestine and then had to rest up after the procedure. While he was recovering, longtime letter turner Vanna White stepped in to help out with the show.

Sajak rests after surgery, provides return update

Pat Sajak’s emergency surgery took place back in November, leaving many viewers concerned about his condition.

Wheel of Fortune tweeted out that the 73-year-old game show host’s emergency surgery meant canceling a show taping, but the best news was that his surgery was successful, and he would return to work.

They also mentioned Vanna White would take over hosting duties while Sajak rested up.

Sajak provided viewers and fans a Twitter update on Nov. 12 upon leaving the hospital a week after his emergency surgery.

“I’m happy to say that my surgery was a total success with absolutely no after effects expected. But the best news is that when I came out of the operating room, I was 63 years old! #10MoreYearsOfWheel,” the show host tweeted.

He achieved a milestone earlier this year in terms of game show hosting. As of May 8, he set the world record for the longest career as a game show host with the same show. Sajak had been hosting for 38 years and 198 days, per Guinness World Records.

On Thursday, the popular host also gave another update, saying he had returned to his daytime job again and was officially taping new episodes.

Wheel of Fortune also tweeted out that they were happy to have Pat back at his spot and added, “Vanna may be happiest of all.” Sajak’s television return as the show host is expected to take place on Jan. 6, 2020.

When is Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa Giveaway?

In November, during Sajak’s absence, they recorded episodes for the holiday season. The show will have a two-week Secret Santa Holiday Giveaway theme with plenty of big prizes on the line for contestants.

It all gets underway starting Monday, Dec. 9, with Vanna White as the host. Wheel of Fortune put out a recent promotional clip featuring White and many Disney favorites as they teased the upcoming holiday event.

Of course, if Vanna White is hosting Wheel of Fortune, it means she’s absent from her usual position turning the letters on the puzzle board.

Luckily, they have someone to help out, as shown by another tweet teasing viewers. They tweeted out a blurred image of Vanna’s substitute for fans to guess who it might be.

Many Twitter fans believe they correctly solved the puzzle as they guessed “Minnie Mouse” as the answer for who the letter turner will be.

However, there’s been some other interesting guesses made. They range from Kristen Bell as Frozen’s Anna to White’s very own daughter filling in for her.

While there are spoilers out already for who will take over Vanna’s spot, some people may want a surprise since the holidays are a fun time for them. Viewers can tune in to see who it is when the Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa Holiday Giveaway begins next week!

Check local listings to watch Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa Holiday Giveaway starting Dec. 9.

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