Pastor Cal defends Kate and Luke’s Married at First Sight relationship as viewers beg him to help Kate

Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk on Married at First Sight
Should MAFS production step in and save Kate? Pic credit: Lifetime

Watching Luke and Kate on this season of Married at First Sight has been hard from the beginning.

The more Kate seems to want her marriage to work, the more Luke acts like he really doesn’t care. The dynamic between the newlyweds is awkward but it goes deeper than that and MAFS viewers have been speaking up for Kate for weeks.

The latest episode was possibly the worst, with Kate completely breaking down after Luke blew off their one month anniversary to go hang out with his friends.

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As the Married at First Sight episode played out, Pastor Cal Roberson tweeted about Kate, claiming she was “not broken or destroyed” despite a huge personality change noticed by viewers as this season has progressed.

However, many Married at First Sight viewers who saw Pastor Cal’s tweet disagreed with the relationship expert and called out production for allowing Luke and Kate to continue on the show as he seemingly gaslights and manipulates her, as she struggles to force their marriage to work.

One response even got Pastor Cal’s attention. The viewer responded to the Married at First Sight expert’s tweet, saying, “I respectfully disagree. She is withdrawing and definitely not the same as she was in the beginning. He is slowly destroying her. She needs help and someone should intervene. This is heartbreaking to watch…”

Pastor Cal quickly responded, “I understand and appreciate your concern, but after having first hand experience of their situation, Kate has a great deal of support and is facing this challenge with maturity and poise and is succeeding.”

That didn’t go over well with those who have been following Luke and Kate’s relationship this season either, and nearly no one agreed with Pastor Cal. Many more even called for the experts to do something, claiming that this marriage to Luke was ruining Kate and even suggesting that she’d need therapy after it was all over.

Others even called out Married at First Sight, claiming that they were continuing with Luke and Kate’s relationship for ratings and ignoring how much Luke’s behavior was hurting her.

It’s pretty clear that viewers do not agree with Pastor Cal’s assessment of Luke and Kate’s relationship. Obviously, much of what we see is heavily edited in order to increase ratings as many tweets suggested, but to what extent? And how bad would it really have to get before someone from Married at First Sight steps in?

Married at First Sight airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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