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Parolee Joe left shaken after dog fight on Pit Bulls and Parolees

Pit Bulls and Parolees
Joe tries to get a lead on one of the fighting strays in Pit Bulls and Parolees

This week on Pit Bulls and Parolees, parolee Joe is left in shock after getting between two stray dogs who are fighting.

The two dogs fighting has left him shaken, or as he says “scared s*****ss” and so he is glad when help shows up.

Parolee Joe talks candidly about his first real rescue mission
Parolee Joe talks candidly about his first real rescue mission

Another employee shows up with the van and together they try to get the two animals into some transport cages. This proves a little trickier than Joe anticipated, even a starving dog is wary about getting into a cage. But the other employee gives the dog a quick shove and it’s all over.

One of the dogs needs medical attention from the fight and Joe reckons her has a lot more to learn about dogs and rescuing them than he first thought.

Meantime, an adoption does not go to plan and a previously adopted animal turns up at an animal shelter.

Catch Pit Bulls and Parolees – Hounded at 9 PM on Animal Planet.
A parolees is shaken after getting between two stray dogs fighting outside the center. Meanwhile, a dog that was adopted shows up in a shelter in Mississippi; and the adoption of a hound goes awry.

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