Paris on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood — Everything you need to know

Paris Phillips introduction to Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood
Paris Phillips is new to Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood but she’s not new to VH1. Pic credit: VH1

Paris Phillips joined the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood cast in Season 5 and so far, she’s been doing a great job of creating a storyline for herself. Between drama with former friend K. Michelle and being knee-deep in Teairra’s sex tape scandal, this probably isn’t the last we’ve seen of her.

The 31-year-old from Brooklyn has broken free from her celebrity assistant role and now she’s working on building a career in brand building.

Paris spread the surrogate rumor

Paris Phillips started out her first season on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood with a bang when she shared a rumor that really had Princess Love angry. She’s the one who told Nikki Mudarris and Lyrica Anderson about Moniece’s claim that Brandy Norwood was Princess Love’s surrogate.

Obviously, that rumor was not true and quite frankly, if Princess was going to have a surrogate, it very likely wouldn’t be Brandy.  But Paris was able to get herself out there and make her mark.

K. Michelle drama

Paris made her actual debut with the VH1 crowd when she appeared on K. Michelle: My Life. The two were close before the perils of show business tore them apart.

On this season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, K. Michelle claimed that Paris stole money from her by charging extra things on her credit card. She even confronted Paris about it on an episode of the VH1 reality series, resulting in Paris tossing a glass of water in her face and then throwing the glass at her too.

For that, K. Michelle said she was going to press charges. After all, throwing drinks is technically assault and the flying cup could have caused real damage. K Michelle, knowing this, commented on her former friend’s throw and how it almost messed up her “new nose.”

On a recent episode, Paris opened up about the credit card claims, telling Nikki Mudarris and Brooke Valentine that K. Michelle was mad over fifty dollars. K. Michelle made it sound way worse like she was running around charging up K.’s credit cards but Paris said that wasn’t the case at all. Is there more to the friend breakup than this?

Teairra’s sex tape scandal

When it comes to Teairra’s sex tape scandal this season with Akbar Abdul-Ahad, Paris has been front and center. She’s been there for a few of Teairra’s sex tape tales and she also helped hunt down and confront Akbar’s wife.

Fall Girls

Paris Phillips has already transcended reality TV with the release of her upcoming movie Fall Girls. She stars in the film alongside Amara La Negra, Tami Roman, Erica Hubbard, Erica Peeples, and Joely Fisher.

So far, no release date has been shared for Fall Girls and all we know is that it’s “coming soon.’ That said, we can’t wait to see Paris shine.

Based on what we’ve already seen, expect to see a lot more of Paris Phillips on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. She definitely brings the drama and a few times now, she’s even been comic relief.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood airs on Mondays at 8/7c on VH1. 

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