Paranormal Witness: A violent spirit at Estrella Jail in Phoenix

Paranormal Witness Estrella Jail
Paranormal Witness recounts the experiences of an officer at Estrella Jail in Phoenix

Tonight on Paranormal Witness recounts the story of a prison guard at Estrella Jail in Phoenix who had more than living criminals to worry about.

Legend at the jail is that the ghost of a violent offender has been terrorising both inmates and guards, driving them crazy and even causing deaths!

A fellow officer is nervous
A fellow officer is nervous when they are assigned to D Tower of the jail, but why?

A new officer notices how detached his fellow guards are and when he and another are assigned to D Tower, the other man does not seem happy. Talking to himself and restless he looks scared even breaking out in a cold sweat.

Are the guards just winding him up, is it just prison paranoia or is something really haunting the Estrella Jail?

Watch Paranormal Witness – The Jail tonight at 10/9c PM on Syfy.

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