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Paranormal Lockdown team record evidence of child in attic at White Hill Mansion

A stunned Katrina in the attic of the mansion, where the evidence of the child is captured
A stunned Katrina in the attic of the mansion, where the evidence of the child is captured

Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman capture unprecedented visual evidence on this week’s Paranormal Lockdown — of a child in the attic of the famous White Hill Mansion in Fieldsboro, NJ.

The episode sees the pair spend 72 hours inside the notoriously haunted building, which has experienced a dark history since before the time of the American Revolution.

During their investigation the pair split up, with Nick exploring the basement and Katrina heading into the attic. And it’s while filming in the attic that they capture their remarkable find.

Watch clips from the episode below as Nick spends time alone in the basement, which served as a speakeasy during the prohibition era when the building was also used as a bordello.

During that time it was visited by all manner of murky characters, and Nick identifies a tunnel which he believes may have been used to drag out bodies and dump them in the river.

The house has also played host to a string of strange disappearances in the past.

With Nick downstairs, Katrina heads alone upstairs to the attic — where her experiences leave her terrified.

The visual evidence they capture of the child is truly remarkable.

But when they start to uncover the secrets that lie deep in the building’s history, they quickly realise that some of the other spirits they contact are not quite as innocent…

Paranormal Lockdown airs Fridays at 9/8c on TLC. 

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