Paranormal Lockdown team probe house where gruesome murder took place in New Orleans

Nick inside the Rampart Street Murder House after the team hear noises from another room
Nick inside the Rampart Street Murder House after the team hear noises from another room

Tonight on Paranormal Lockdown, Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman spend 72 hours locked inside a home in New Orleans which was the scene of one of the city’s most gruesome ever murders.

The so-called Rampart Street Murder House hit the headlines in 2006 when Zackery “Zach” Bowen, 28, strangled his girlfriend Adriane “Addie” Hall to death, dismembered her  — then boiled her head, hands and feet in pots.

The killing came a year after the pair, both bartenders, made the national news when they decided to stay put at their property, above a voodoo shop, during Hurricane Katrina.

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Days after 28-year-old Addie’s gruesome murder, Bowen was found dead after killing himself by jumping off a building in the French Quarter — with a note inside his trouser pocket detailing what police would find at his and Addie’s home.

But what caused the switch to flick inside him?

On Paranormal Lockdown Nick and Katrina head to the Rampart Street property 10 years after the harrowing murder to investigate the home’s mysterious past.

Tenants previous to Addie and Bowen had often complained of hearing unexplained footsteps, and seeing shadows that moved and an apparition of a little boy.

Watch a clip from the episode below as Nick and Katrina walk from the kitchen to the bathroom, with the experience leaving them both feeling nauseous.

Cameraman Rob Saffi then feels a breeze despite all the windows being shut, before they hear a noise from one of the other rooms…

Paranormal Lockdown airs Fridays at 9/8c on TLC.

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