Paranormal Lockdown premiere sees police probe skeletal remains at Monroe House

Paranormal Lockdown
Paranormal Lockdown visits Monroe House where the probe leads to some shocking discoveries

Paranormal Lockdown is back for a new season, and in this premiere episode the discovery of some skeletal remains in Monroe House leads to the police getting involved.

Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman are back and this season they will endure lockdowns in some of America’s most haunted places.

Nick and Katrina
Nick and Katrina are back with all new lockdowns as they pull back the veil on the paranormal world

This week they head to Monroe House in Hartford City, Indiana, where they uncover skeletal remains in a crawl space. This leads not only to some interesting conclusions regards the paranormal activity at the house but also a real police investigation.

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They also shine a light on some of the investigations the show has carried out before and reveals some previously unseen evidence that will make your hair stand on end.

Nick cut his teeth with Ghost Adventures and Katrina starred in Paranormal State,  but even they are taken aback by some of the discoveries they make this season.

Watch Paranormal Lockdown – Monroe House & Evidence Revealed Special at 9:00 PM on TLC.

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