Paddy Considine on The Outsider: Who is actor who plays local strip club manager Claude Bolton?

Paddy Considine on The Outsider: Who is actor who plays local strip club manager Claude Bolton?
Paddy Considine appears in The Outsider on HBO. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/Ali Kadinsky/Landmark Media

The Outsider made its premiere on HBO on Sunday night and involved a police detective looking for clues concerning the murder and mutilation of a young boy.

All the evidence points to the guilt of a little league baseball coach named Terry Maitland (Jason Bateman) but when Det. Ralph Anderson (Ben Mendelsohn) finds evidence that also points to his innocence, it throws everything off.

Part of the evidence also included eyewitnesses, including an ex-con who now manages a strip club.

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Here is what you need to know about Paddy Considine’s Claude Bolton.

Who is Claude Bolton on The Outsider?

While he is investigating the case of the murdered child, Det. Ralph Anderson questions a strip club manager he has a history with named Claude Bolton.

While talking to him, he learns that Bolton saw Terry Maitland come into the strip club, covered in blood. He said that Terry claimed it was a busted nose, but there was also blood on his back, which made no sense.

He said that Terry then left his van in the employee lot (covered in fingerprints, blood, and DNA evidence) and then he asked Claude to call him a cab, leaving a record of his movements after that.

With most shows, this would likely mark the end of the road for an eyewitness. However, this is Paddy Considine and he is too big of a star for a one-scene role on The Outsider.

Who is Paddy Considine on The Outsider?

Paddy Considine is an English actor who has enjoyed roles in some big movies, although many of them were in supporting roles. Despite that, he made an impression in almost every acting appearance.

Many people might remember him as one of the detectives in Edgar Wright’s brilliant action-comedy Hot Fuzz. He was Detective Sergent Andy Wainwright, partner to Det. Constable Andy Cartwright.

He had an even bigger role in The Bourne Ultimatum, where he played Simon Ross, the reporter who was helping Jason Bourne and died for his actions.

Considine is also a film director, winning a ton of awards for his film Tyrannosaur, including a directing award at Sundance and the BAFTA for Outstanding debut by a British Writer, Director, or Producer.

The Outsider (2020): Official Trailer | HBO

The first two episodes of The Outsider air on Jan. 12 on HBO and subsequent episodes will air every Sunday at 10/9c.

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