Outrageous Acts of Science: Gorillas break glass and underwater wheelchairs

Outrageous Acts of Science
Outrageous Acts of Science – would you trust the glass with this gorilla heading your way at full tilt?

On Outrageous Acts of Science tonight, the show looks at some of the craziest videos from YouTube featuring Man Vs. Nature.

In this week’s episode there is a gorilla that breaks glass, an underwater wheelchair, a speedy sea lion and a lot more.

The show counts down 20 of the most viral clips where man runs right into nature or nature runs right into man! The experts give commentary and explain what is going on in each video.

The clip below was taken at a zoo in Nebraska, where a gorilla charges the glass wall and managed to crack it!

Gorilla cracks glass at zoo

During the video a little girl pounds on her chest while facing the gorillas. One of them charges the glass and hits it with all four limbs, shattering the first of the three layers.

The zoo curator said that with three 17 to 22-year-old gorillas trying to establish dominance in the same space, you’re bound to see some aggression as they become adults.

Also, the glass does sometimes break just due to temperature or other stress factors and the gorillas also like to beat on it as the sound sometimes scares their peers. It certainly scared these visitors!

It’s not just gorillas that have cracked or shattered their glass enclosures. This bear at a Minnesota zoo was playing around with a rock and ended up smashing into the glass.

Bear cracks glass

Also this polar bear dislodges a rock in its pool, which then sinks down and shatters one of the glass layers. We are pretty sure the two guys needed a fresh pair of pants after that one!

Polar bear pool glass shatters

Catch Outrageous Acts of Science – Man vs. Nature tonight 9/8c PM on Science Channel.

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