Outlander: What happens to Marsali and Fergus’ son, Henri-Christian, in the books?

Henri-Christian is the fourth child to Marsali and Fergus, as seen in Episode 2 of Starz's Outlander Season 6
Henri-Christian is the fourth child to Marsali and Fergus, as seen in Episode 2 of Outlander Season 6. Pic credit: Starz

Henri-Christian Fraser was born to Marsali (Lauren Lyle) and Fergus (Cesar Domboy) in the latest episode of Outlander.

Currently, his parents have been going through a rough patch in their marriage and things look set to continue in this same manner, despite a reprieve, after Fergus was horrified to discover his new son is a dwarf.

The latest trailer for Episode 3 of Outlander sees Fergus continuing to grapple with this even though Claire (Caitriona Balfe) assures him his son was not born that way because of an attack on Marsali while she was pregnant.

Already, it has been shown in Outlander that Fergus is really struggling to come to terms with Henri-Christian’s condition, and in a recent interview with Parade, Cesar Domboy explains the rationale behind this.

“I think there is a really good bridge between the problems and the worries Fergus has and then his dwarf child and how he fears for him,” Domboy said.

“Fergus is like, ‘If I cannot find my position, if I cannot be useful to the Ridge, how could that kid be?’ It’s all about that. It’s real challenging adult problems for this young couple.”

In the trailer for the next instalment that Henri-Christian winds up floating down a river in a woven basket — possibly at the hand of Fergus.

Considering Outlander is based on a series of books by Diana Gabaldon, the fate of Henri-Christian is easy to ascertain. So, for those who want to know, keep reading but, those who wish to avoid potential spoilers should proceed with caution.

Lauren Lyle as Marsali and Cesar Domboy as Fergus, as seen in Starz's Outlander
Lauren Lyle as Marsali and Cesar Domboy as Fergus, as seen in Outlander. Pic credit: Starz

Henri-Christian is Marsali and Fergus’ fourth child

Henri-Christian is the fourth child born to Marsali and Fergus. Previously, Marsali has given birth to a son called Germain, Félicité (a daughter), and Joan (also a daughter), the last of which shares the same name as Marsali’s sister.

In the books, Marsali also gives birth to two more children after Henri-Christian; Alexandre and Charles-Claire, both sons.

Henri-Chrstian’s first appearance is in A Breath of Snow and Ashes, which is the sixth book in the Outlander series and the basis for Season 6 of the Starz adaptation.

Here’s what happens to Henri-Christian in the books

In Episode 3 of Outlander, Henri-Christian is shown floating down a river as Roger (Richard Rankin) tries to rescue him before he reaches the rapids.

The trailer for this incident shows a lot of Fergus prior to this and explores the possibility that still hasn’t come to terms with his son’s dwarfism. However, in the books, it is a group of children who cast the child’s basket out onto the river and not Fergus.

Roger does end up rescuing Henri-Christian and the child is then baptized. Not long after that, Marsali and Fergus decide to relocate to New Bern, which is also in North Carolina.

However, things do not get better for the small child once they move.

Marsali and Fergus set up a printing shop but a fire breaks out a few years after their move there and both Germain and Henri-Christian are trapped inside.

Trying to escape, Germain tries to convince Henri-Christian to jump into the crowd below or to use a rope to swing out. The scared boy refuses and Germain takes matters into his own hands.

Grabbing Henri-Christian, he tells the boy to hold on tight while he swings out on a rope. Unfortunately, Henri-Christian loses his grip and falls to his death.

Germain also falls but is caught by Fergus who is standing below.

Henri-Christian is then laid to rest approximately two hours outside Philadelphia.

Season 6 of Outlander currently airs every Sunday night on Starz.

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