Outlander spoilers: Does Brianna go through the stones?

Briana during a celebration on Outlander
On Outlander, Brianna learns that Claire did reunite with Jamie. Pic credit: Starz

Season 4 of Outlander began as Claire and Jamie started their new lives in America. Their daughter Brianna was living safely in the future, 200 years ahead to be exact.

But upon learning about the Fraser’s move to America, viewers want to know if Brianna travels through the stones in order to find her mother and meet her father for the very first time. Those who have read book 4 titled Drums of Autumn already know what Briana does but those who still want to know can keep on reading.

On the most recent episode of Outlander, Roger relayed a very valuable piece of information to Brianna. He told her that he could prove that Claire did reunite with Jamie when she traveled back through the stones.

Roger also shared that Claire and Jamie ended up moving to America, becoming some of the first to settle in North Carolina. Of course, Roger didn’t relay the part about Claire and Jamie dying there not long after, which is also a part of the historical record that he uncovers.

So when Roger calls back just weeks later, he learns that Brianna is gone. Her roommate informs him that Brianna has returned to Scotland to see her mother and she tells him that Brianna left two weeks ago.

This can only mean one thing — Brianna has either gone through the stones already or that she intends to do it very soon.

As it turns out, Brianna does travel through the stones to go find her mother but she doesn’t do it alone. Roger, alerted by the news she has come to Scotland, also ends up traveling back in time.

Brianna and Roger don’t go together though. Worried about her safety, Roger follows Brianna, hoping that he can get to her before anything terrible happens to her.

Roger won’t get there in time to prevent her rape. In the novel, Jamie’s newest enemy Stephen Bonnet makes himself even more hated after he rapes Brianna.

However, Roger does end up reuniting with Brianna in the colonies and naturally, they begin their courtship all over again.

Brianna traveling through the stones and heading to America is a huge part of the fourth book, which is exactly what Season 4 of Outlander is based on. With what we saw in the most recent episode, viewers can actually expect to see Brianna travel through the stones in the next episode.

Outlander airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Starz. 

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