Outlander Season 7: New cast announced including some familiar faces and Jenny is recast

Laura Donnelly starred as Jenny Murray in Starz's Outlander
Laura Donnelly starred as Jenny Murray in Outlander. Pic credit: Starz

Starz has just announced an exciting new cast lineup for Season 7 of their hit historical drama series, Outlander.

Already, fans know that they will get to meet the Hunters, a brother and sister duo that will be involved in all the action when the TV series returns. Charles Vandervaart has also been cast as Jamie’s grown son, William Ransom.

Aside from that, there has been very little news of late regarding new cast members or upcoming storylines.

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Now, all that has changed with the network announcing 11 new characters.

Although, the surprise for many viewers was the return of several old characters – some of which are already dead in the show.

In addition to that, Jenny has also been recast.

New — and old — faces for Season 7 of Outlander

Starz shared the news to their official Twitter account for Outlander, announcing the new characters featured in Season 7. The full list is below.

  • Brian Whipp as Brian Fraser
  • Chris Fulton as Rob Cameron
  • Diarmaid Murtaugh as Buck MacKenzie
  • Gloria Obianyo as Mercy Woodcock
  • Graham MacTavish as Dougal MacKenzie
  • Kristin Atherton as Jenny Murray
  • Layla Burns as Joan MacKimmie
  • Lotte Verbeek as Geillis Duncan
  • Nell Hudson as Laoghaire MacKenzie MacKimmie Fraser
  • Rod Hallett as Benedict Arnold
  • Steven Cree as Ian Murray

Jenny has been recast

Many fans noticed immediately that Jenny Murray has been recast. Previously she was portrayed by Laura Donnelly, and many are questioning why the character has been recast.

As pointed out by Carter Matt, Donnelly is very busy in her acting career presently, and the recasting was likely necessary because of it.

Currently, Donnelly is starring in The Nevers and also has a very successful theater career, both of which have clashed schedule-wise when Starz wanted her to return to Outlander in the past.

Aren’t some of these characters already dead?

For fans of the book series by Diana Gabaldon, this announcement most likely makes plenty of sense.

But for those who are TV fans only, it seems like an unlikely scenario. After all, several of these characters are no longer with us.

Geillis and Dougal are most certainly dead, having died seasons ago. Added to that, Brian Fraser died before Outlander even started.

But this gives a good indication that viewers will get some flashback scenes in Season 7.

It’s unclear yet how Gellis will tie into the storyline, but with Buck returning, this could somehow tie into memories of Dougal.

And, with a new prequel series focused on Jamie Fraser’s parents, introducing his father, Brian, could be a great way to get fans interested in his backstory and wanting to know more ahead of Blood of My Blood premiering.

However, until Season 7 of Outlander drops or Starz releases some new trailers, fans will have to wait a little longer to learn more about how these characters are returning.

Outlander has been renewed for Season 7, but the premiere date has not yet been advised.

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