Our Wild Life cast: Meet the family with 80 pets behind TLC’s new reality series

The Our Wild Life cast
The cast of Our Wild Life on TLC: Bobbie Jo and Jerry, kids Jaxon, Hali and Kasi, and nanny Naa Naa

TLC’s new family-friendly show Our Wild Life is must-see tv for anyone who loves animals as much as Bobbie Jo Abrams of Pinetops, North Carolina.

Charming Bobbie Jo is caretaker to the 80 exotic creatures featured in show, including kangaroos, llamas, a zebra, a camel and a sloth, many of which have free run of the home she shares with her husband Jerry, three kids and a nanny.

Bobbie Jo’s wild and wooly menagerie came to the attention of TLC after video of her wallaby, Boomer, kicking up the sand at nearby Oak Island, went viral. Even though the effervescent blond mom is a natural on camera, she was surprised when the network contacted her.

“It’s something we had no idea we would do,” she told the News & Observer. “But we did it, and it was funny and cute for the family.”

Due to the light-hearted content, viewers will no doubt end up watching the humorous hijinks that Bobbie Jo, Jerry and her kids Jaxon, Hali and Kasi get up to with their own families as well, fur babies included!

The cheerful mom lovingly dotes on her furry friends, even to the point of wearing a fake pouch so she can nurture baby kangaroos. Bobbie Jo is licensed by the USDA to run an exotic petting zoo and viewers will also get glimpses of her wolf hybrid Axl Rose, as well as Joey, the “ornery” zebra.

With so many adorable animals underfoot, does life at the Abrams house ever get chaotic? You bet it does, as not everyone admires Bobbie Jo’s creatures as much as she does. Viewers can expect plenty of funny drama to pop up in the midst of the Abrams’ idyllic lifestyle.

For starters, Naa Naa the nanny takes exception to Coco the “devil bird” cockatoo using profanity. “Naa Naa is like the real Madea,” Abrams said. “She is truly like that. We sneak and hide animals around her. I pay her to tell me what to do. She’s like our mama.”

Be sure to catch all of the fur-tastic shenanigans, and meet Bobbie Jo’s adorable human family, when Our Wild Life airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on TLC.

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