Our Planet walrus death scenes: Twitter reacts to emotional episode on Netflix docu-series

Our Planet walruses
Our Planet shows walruses plummet to death. Pic credit: Netflix

The David Attenborough narrated Netflix series Our Planet focuses on the devasting effects of climate change. On episode 2 of Our Plant, the series gets its point across with an emotional walrus death scene that is explained as the consequence of the melting sea ice.

Twitter reacts strongly to the Our Planet scene that features several walrus’s plummeting to their deaths.

Our Planet documents the far northeastern coast of Russia where walruses have the largest gathering of their species on the planet. They prefer to rest on sea ice but are forced to rest on the beach.

Walruses attempting to find an area to rest among many is causing them to find their way to an isolated space on higher ground. Attenborough explains that walruses have poor vision outside of water and when attempting to go back to sea to eat, hundreds of them fall to their deaths.

The episode has sparked a debate about climate change and human activity. The Netflix series, which is made by the producers of Planet Earth, details how climate change is affecting different parts of the planet.

Our Planet, which is directed by Alastair Fothergill, is Netflix’s first venture into nature documentaries.

All eight episodes are available to stream on Netflix worldwide.

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