Orphan Black Echoes: Get ready Clone Club because a new spinoff series is announced for 2023

Key artwork for BBC America's Orphan Black, featuring Tatiana Maslany and Ari Millen
Key artwork for Orphan Black, featuring Tatiana Maslany and Ari Millen. Pic credit: BBC America

Fans of Orphan Black will be very excited after it was posted to the official social media accounts that a new spinoff series was in development.

Orphan Black originally premiered on March 30, 2013. The show quickly became a success and ran for a total of five seasons before concluding on August 12, 2017.

Dedicated fans, or members of the Clone Club, have been desperate to hear more about their beloved series since the show ended.

Now, they can set a date and get ready for the next installment.

Several announcements are made on social media

In March, the Orphan Black Facebook page shared a milestone — it had been nine years since Orphan Black premiered. This was a pretty standard post to make. However, something was already brewing under the surface.

Then, on April 6, a new post went live. An image of colorful DNA strands was shared along with the caption, “Set an alarm, Clone Club. There’s some very big #OrphanBlack news coming in one hour.”

So, fans waited until the exciting news that the new Orphan Black spinoff series, Echoes, would drop sometime in 2023.

“Orphan Black: Echoes, a new series set in the world of #OrphanBlack, will premiere in 2023 on AMC Plus,” was written in the caption.

As soon as the post dropped, Orphan Black fans were eager to learn more about the new series, diving into the comments section to ask questions. Some wanted to merely know more about the spinoff series. Others wondered if Tatiana Maslany would reprise her role as the clones featured in the original series.

Then, another post quickly dropped that explained more — but without answering many of the questions fans raised.

Echoes is an Orphan Black spinoff series

The third Facebook post was a letter directed solely to the fans.

“Dear Clone Club,” it started. “You’ve been with us from the moment Sarah Manning watched in horror as Beth Childs inexplicably jumped in front of a train. Then stole her purse and identity.”

The letter then recalled other elements of Orphan Black that made it so hugely popular with viewers.

But, what about what Echoes will be about?

The social media post dropped a few tantalizing clues without giving viewers a clear direction on where Orphan Black: Echoes would lead after they confirmed the story would continue.

“Much in the Orphan Black universe remains in the black. In partnership with our intrepid friends at Boat Rocker and AMC, it’s time to go back in. Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole again?”

Of course, the answer for most fans is a resounding, “Yes!”

A statement was also released by AMC that detailed the exciting news.

“I am thrilled to begin this new chapter in the world of Orphan Black,” said Anna Fishko from AMC. “Creating a story that embraces the legacy of the original show has been so gratifying, and I’m excited for audiences to embark on a new journey that explores the big questions of what makes us who we are.”

What else viewers can expect from this new series remains to be seen. There has been no filming or production news outside of the announcement, so it is hard to pinpoint when Orphan Black: Echoes might air.

However, considering the original series premiered on March 30, the potential is there that AMC might try to stick to this schedule and release the new series 10 years after the original one premiered.

Orphan Black: Echoes will be available to watch on AMC+ in 2023.

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