Olivia Culpo reveals how to spot a liar ahead of To Tell the Truth appearance

Olivia Culpo twirling her hair in a video talking about her To Tell The Truth appearance
Olivia Culpo demonstrates one of the signs of lying ahead of her To Tell The Truth appearance

Olivia Culpo has revealed her tips on how to spot a liar ahead of her guest appearance on ABC’s To Tell the Truth tonight.

Olivia filmed the video as she prepared to appear on the show’s panel alongside Gabriel Iglesias, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Craig Robinson.

The series sees the celebrity panelists faced with three people who all claim to be someone who has done something amazing or be famous for some reason.

The twist? Only one of the three is ACTUALLY that person, while the other two are liars.

Olivia explained what she would be looking for in a bid to spot those telling the truth. She said in the video, posted on Facebook while she twirled her hair: “A bad liar usually blinks a lot, diverts eye contact and [looking at her hair] plays with their hair…so I will be looking for that.”

This week’s episode features the youngest American ever to fly solo around the world, the fastest ice carver in the world, and a four-time champion arm wrestler.

The regular panelists on To Tell The Truth are seven-time Emmy winner Betty White, actress NeNe Leakes and former NBA star Jalen Rose.

But will they and the guest panelists be able to tell who’s telling the truth and who isn’t?

To Tell the Truth airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.

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