Ohio bank robbery hostage family tell of horror ordeal on 20/20: In an Instant

Katie McConnell talking to the camera on 20/20: In an Instant
Katie McConnell talks about her terrifying hostage ordeal on ABC’s 20/20: In an Instant

A family who were held hostage as part of a bizarre plot to rob a bank tell of their horror ordeal tonight on ABC’s 20/20: In an Instant.

Katie and Brian McConnell and their two children were held hostage overnight at their home in Richland County, Ohio, before bank manager Brian was forced the next morning to go to the KeyBank branch where he was a manager and empty a vault of almost $200,000 in cash.

On the 20/20: In an Instant finale tonight, the couple relive the terrifying story of how their ordeal began when wannabe robber Taylor Crisman held Katie and their kids Liam and Zoe at gunpoint in their home after they returned from a playdate.

When Brian got home from work, he entered the house before being confronted by his worried family and Crisman.

When Brian reached for the knife block, Crisman — wielding a pistol — stopped him in his tracks.

The couple then stayed up all night before Brian was coerced by Crisman and his accomplice Chris Hill to drive to his work, empty the vault, and drive home with the almost $200,000 in cash.

When Crisman started going through the money, brave Brian grabbed his gun — but was persuaded to give it back after Crisman told him Hill would kill his entire family if they didn’t get away with the cash.

In an Instant sees the couple recall in vivid interviews the details of exactly how their ordeal panned out, coupled with actors recreating the events as they unfolded.

Brian and Katie also tell how after Crisman and Hill fled with the money, they called 911 — but initially felt like they were being treated as suspects themselves.

And they recall how they had to undergo hours of lie-detector tests and police questioning before being allowed to walk free.

Crisman and Hill were finally caught several weeks later after a joint operation by local law enforcement and the FBI.

Crisman was sentenced to 37 years in prison, and Hill to 25. Sarah Garrett, who helped the pair carry out the raid by providing them with Brian’s details, and also helped count the money, got 2.5 years.

In An Instant: Home Invasion Horror airs tonight at 8/7c on ABC. 

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