Princess Love breaks down over failure to get pregnant with Ray J’s baby on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Princess Love crying as she talks to Ray J on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood
Princess Love talks to Ray J about her failure to get pregnant on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Princess Love broke down on last night’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood over her failure to get pregnant with Ray J’s child — after another pregnancy test came back negative.

Princess was on the verge of tears as she showed Ray J the results of her latest test, telling him: “It’s negative. Again.”

She also revealed why it was so important for her to have a baby, saying in a confessional: “I didn’t really have a relationship with my mom or my dad so for me starting a family is a way of me creating a new life that I never had.

“This is my chance to have a family with the man I love, and I’m going to fight for that.”

Ray J tried to comfort her, saying: “It’s ok, Princess. Listen, baby, don’t worry about it. We’ll keep trying until it’s right, ok? Alright?”

Princess’s failure to get pregnant comes after Ray J had his sperm count tested in last week’s episode and the results came back showing that it was lower than normal, while A1 and Safaree — who he went to the clinic with — were both above average.

He said: “I know how bad my baby wants to start a family and, you know what, it hurts me to see her feeling like this. And I know it’s because I don’t have enough of the swimmers.”

But he reassured Princess that they would make a baby happen, whatever it took. He said: “We’ll go through the process of figuring out ‘how do we make this work?’.

“And if we can’t get it done like this, there’s got to be other options.”

Princess recently spoke in an interview with VH1 about her desire to start a child, and how this season will show the couple do everything they can to get her pregnant.

She said: “Now that I’m a wife, you know, we can focus on starting a family and I’m the only child. I’ve never had any brothers or sisters. So I’ve always wanted a little mini-me.

“You’ll be seeing us go through what normal couples go through when trying to have a baby. A lot of people don’t realize that it’s really hard to have a baby.

“You’ll see us going to the doctor. We’re definitely going to make sure Ray’s little men are swimming the way they’re supposed to and making sure they’re strong.

“I am beyond ready to be a mother.”

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1.

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