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Noura on Survivor 39: Who is the outspoken castaway?

Noura Survivor 39
Noura Salman during Episode 2 of Survivor: Island of the Idols. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Noura Salman is on Survivor 39, and she isn’t messing around. A member of the Vokai Tribe, she was featured during Episode 2 as she asked for help around camp. While it rubbed some people the wrong way, it got viewers on her side.

As a commanding presence just a few days into the season, that should have been expected from viewers that took a look at her bio or watched her introductory video from CBS. That’s shared below, where she speaks about the show.

During Season 39, Episode 2, Noura was part of a blindside vote at Tribal Council. She saved herself from possibly getting sent home and shifted the target to someone unsuspecting.

It will be interesting to see if twists and turns continue to happen due to the theme of the new season. Producers brought back former winners Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine to serve as mentors, and so far, it has not been a disappointing evolution of the show.

Who is Noura on Survivor 39 cast?

Noura Salman is a 36-year-old entrepreneur from Maryland. She still calls the state home, with her current residence listed as North Potomac.

Noura described herself as ambitious, passionate, and energetic when she joined the show. She listed her hobbies as working out, traveling, and social media posting. She also likes creating healthy foods and beverages in the kitchen.

When asked about her biggest pet peeves, Noura listed people who lack personal hygiene and table manners. She also said that she can’t stand people who are selfish, self-absorbed, or stingy. That could make her stay on Survivor 39 quite interesting, as there is typically a lack of hygiene and a lot of selfish people.

Though it’s still very early in the season, watching Noura on Survivor 39 is foreshadowed as being pretty exciting. Can she help lead to the Vokai Tribe to some victories and survive the merge? We will all have to tune in to find out.

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Survivor: Island of the Idols airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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