No sound on Survivor: Show hit by technical audio problems

Rick Devens with his wife on Survivor: Edge of Extinction
Rick Devens with his wife on Survivor: Edge of Extinction. Pic credit: CBS

There was no sound on Survivor for some East Coast viewers during the May 1 episode of the show, which meant they missed some of the emotional moments the cast members had with their loved ones in the first 10 minutes.

Some viewers who tuned in for Season 38, Episode 12 were a bit disappointed to find out that CBS was having difficulties with the sound. It led to a number of fans posting on social media that the episode was difficult to watch.

CBS addresses technical audio problems on Survivor

As shown in the Twitter post shared below, CBS tried to make the episode available online as soon as they could. The network ended up providing a pinned link to the episode a bit later in the evening.

This was a tough episode for viewers to miss the first few moments, as it was the annual arrival of loved ones. The final contestants get to spend a few moments with their loved ones after being separated for nearly 30 days at that point (including sequester time).

This is usually a really good episode, not just for the contestants seeing their loved ones, but for the CBS viewers who get to see another side of some castaways. The episode didn’t disappoint, as it also worked its way to another dramatic Tribal Council.

Having no sound on Survivor tough to deal with

For reality competition shows with big twists at the end, it’s always important for viewers to be able to see the first few moments of an episode. Producers and the editing team usually work in some information that is going to come into play by the end of the night.

That is exactly what took place during the May 1 episode, so it’s good that CBS did its best to provide the episode online for fans of the show. It may have come a little late for some viewers on the East Coast, but at least it should get the network hyper-aware of getting it right in the future.

The next episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction will take place on Wednesday, May 8. Hopefully, no viewers have to deal with having no sound for that important episode and that the technical audio problems are under control.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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