Nick Groff and Elizabeth Saint launch ‘future of paranormal entertainment’ with TheHaunted.Space

Nick Groff and Elizabeth Saint in a TheHaunted.Space promotional photo
Elizabeth Saint and Nick Groff will feature on new online streaming channel TheHaunted.Space

Paranormal Lockdown star Nick Groff and his Ghosts of Shepherdstown co-host Elizabeth Saint are launching a pioneering new online streaming channel called TheHaunted.Space — set to transform the world of paranormal entertainment.

The pair broadcast a short video on Halloween explaining what the new exciting channel is all about, describing it as an online live-streaming experience that lets members actually interact with the hosts as they stream.

With Haunted Magazine editor Paul Stevenson calling it the “next generation of entertainment”, the promo video for TheHaunted.Space features musician, author and master of the macabre Aurelio Voltaire, who tells us that “we saw the future, raw, uncut, live” and asks us “are you curious yet?”.

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Aurelio Voltaire
Aurelio Voltaire presents the dramatic promo for the new network

Members will be able to watch live streams of different shows taking place each week and interact with the various paranormal personalities presenting them.

The channel will cover all manner of supernatural, occult, cryptozoology and paranormal topics.

The exact details of membership have not been released yet, but you can sign up early and get 50 per cent off the first month’s subscription.

TheHaunted.Space will be the first channel to launch as part of a larger network called VIDI Space. Elizabeth said in her and Nick’s Halloween video: “The first channel to be released is TheHaunted.Space and what’s great about it is it’s going to be majority live — it’s going to be live entertainment.”

She also revealed the project had been in the pipeline for some time now, adding: “We’re really excited to bring it to everybody.”

The new channel is set to be launched on the 8th of January 2017 — 1/8/18.

Are you curious yet?

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