New TLC dating show The Spouse House aims to end with seven married couples

Ashley D talking to the camera on The Spouse House
Ashley D, one of the singeltons taking part in TLC’s new series The Spouse House

TLC tonight debuts new dating show The Spouse House — where singletons looking for love enter a house and live together in the hope they’ll all leave married.

The new 10-episode series features fourteen single people — seven men and seven women — who are all looking for their soul mate.

Each episode will follow them over the course of  a week, culminating in an Engagement Ceremony, where they all come together and decide if anyone is going to get married.

If there is no proposal, then an eviction will take place and new singles are brought into the house in place of those who leave.

If there is, and a couple marry, they will continue living in the house as newlyweds.

Picture of The Spouse House cast
The initial 14 singletons taking part in TLC’s new dating show The Spouse House

The process is helped by the presence of two experts, relationship coach Christine Hassler and clinical psychologist Dr. Isaiah Pickens, who will help the singletons try to find their ultimate match.

The hope is that those taking part will end up in successful married relationships by the end of the show.

The singletons entering the house range in age from 26 to 42, and for practical reasons all come from the greater Chicago area.

The initial women taking part are corporate worker Ashley P, 26, communications graduate Brianne, 28, marketing and public relations graduate Ashley D, 30, flight attendant Kelli Jo, 33, student and mom-of-one Yesnaya, 28, probation officer Toyya, 36, and chiropractor Missy, 36.

The men are business and marketing graduate Danny, 29, adolescent therapist Chris, 33, entrepreneur Albert, 40, Tom, 36, who works in commercial sales, firefighter Jimmy, 34, locomotive engineer and former pilot Darren, 29, and real estate agent Jonathan, 42.

The Spouse House airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC. 

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