New paranormal series Evil Things looks at terrifying cases of haunted objects

A scene from Evil Things showing a woman screaming at something she sees on a camcorder
A recreation of one of the terrifying stories featured in the Evil Things premiere

TLC tonight debuts one of its most terrifying paranormal series to date, Evil Things — which looks at chilling cases of haunted objects.

The premiere episode follows two stories where people come into ownership with things they believe are possessed by evil forces.

The first features a young woman named Kara who received a camcorder from her boyfriend for Christmas.

But when she takes it on a trip camping with friends things take a terrifying turn — when she starts hearing blood-curdling screams and alarming crying coming from the woods.

It’s not long before Kara starts to believe that the camcorder is some kind of paranormal portal linking her to a double murder and kidnapping which were committed by a person who owned it before her.

The second story centers around a man called Justin whose life goes off the rails after he inherits a gold pocket watch from his dad.

Justin’s loved ones are at threat when he begins experiencing violent blackouts, but he also learns a vital piece of information which points at why he was abandoned by his father when he was younger.

Evil Things airs after the premiere of the new season of Kindred Spirits, in which paranormal investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry investigate the creepy Lizzie Borden House.


Evil Things airs Fridays at 10/9c on TLC.

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